Guenther Maier: Done—Memories of a PhD Supervisor (2021)

Guenther Maier
Done—Memories of a PhD Supervisor (German language)

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Hardcover 17 × 24 cm, 312 p., 170 fig., 39,80 €
ISBN 978-3-86225-125-4
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GUENTHER MAIER, born in 1932, was fascinated early on by "impossible molecules".
Whether in Karlsruhe, Baltimore, Marburg, or Giessen, he always wanted to overcome new challenges. Tetrahedrane, molecule of the year 1978, became his trademark. The author employs short, chronological accounts to trace and reflect on his chemical pathways and detours, his role models, his collaboration with colleagues, and his life. He opens up a world of exotic molecules through experiments—photochemistry, flash pyrolysis, low-temperature matrix isolation—and theory. Curiosity, luck, and imagination, but also persistence, uncover many secrets.