Looking Glass Chemistry: Small Differences—Gigantic Effects

Henri Brunner
Looking Glass Chemistry: Small Differences—Gigantic Effects (German language)

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Hardcover 17 × 24 cm, 296 p., 261 fig., 39,80 €
ISBN 978-3-86225-127-8
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“A different sort of chemistry is needed”. In 1966 this rather disconcerting thought led HENRI BRUNNER to create the hitherto unknown, optically active transition metal complexes—and so to his lifelong interest in image/mirror image molecules and other objects.
Nowadays it is textbook knowledge that minute quantities of optically active transition metal complexes can act as catalysts to allow the synthesis of large quantities of organic and pharmaceutical products. In 1971 his outstanding chemistry resulted in his appointment as the youngest university professor in Germany and founder of the inorganic chemistry department in Regensburg.
His mother always taught him to “Keep your eyes open”. Henri Brunner, born in 1935, did just that—whether he was drawing, playing chess, doing sports, collecting Colorado potato beetles, demonstrating, obtaining grants, teaching, appointing academic staff, or looking after his tie and snail collections – and he continues to do so aged 85+!


Supporting Material

  • Huttner, Gottfried (1937–2021)
    Professor Gottfried Huttner, University of Heidelberg, Germany, passed away on July 21, 2021.