Launch on September 7, 2021

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“Lives in Chemistry”: Launch Event September 7, 2021—YouTube Video

Karl Reuter: Origins of the Book Project and my Vision for it—YouTube Video
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The new book series started live online via a GDCh Zoom-Meeting: We introduced the authors, the minds behind the new international series “Lives in Chemistry” and the first three printed autobiographies. Contributions in this event:

  • • The authors Guenther Maier, Gerhard Ertl and Henri Brunner
  • • Carsten Reinhardt, Chairman of the Advisory Board
  • • Karl Reuter, RCA, patron of the series
  • • Peter Schreiner, GDCh president, about Guenther Maier
  • • Florian Budde, chairman of the Bunsen Society, about Gerhard Ertl
  • • Stefanie Dehnen, GDCh vice president, about Henri Brunner
  • • and others involved in the development of the series.

Download full program (PDF, 281 kB, German languageGerman language).

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Thank you for taking part in the quiz, six prizes were awarded.